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Ethical and Legal Issues and the Case Study Upcoming SlideShare ShareWordPress Shortcode 630 views Legal Issues and Medical Law Problems - Case Study. Sandra is 15yrs old She is pregnant but she has not told her parents and has disguised her pregnancy by .

Are you sure you want to YesNo Your message goes here Ethical and Legal Issues and the Case Study 1. Arab Open University2ndSemester, 2006-2007M301Unit 6.

2Ethical and Legal Issues and theCase Study @ 2. Reem AlAttas © 2Topic Road Map Ethical and Legal IssuesProfessional bodies 3. Reem AlAttas © 3Definitions Ethical decision-making is about choosing betweenbehavior that is morally ‘right’ and that which is morally‘wrong’.

 Morality is about the degree of conformity to a set ofprinciples that determine ‘rightness’.

Case study: ethical and legal issues in human - law ecommons

Reem AlAttas © 4Areas that Influence the Set of MoralPrinciples1.

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Reem AlAttas © 6Procedure for Coping with EthicalDecisions 7 1 Dec 2016 - Case study questions from Commercial Law based on aspects like As per given scenario, there are two important issues that are raised:..

Legal issues and medical law problems - case study - law teacher

Reem AlAttas © 9Ownership of SoftwareA thorny legal issue, one that gives rise tomany situations which are difficult todisentangle.

The principal reason for the difficulty is theintangible nature of software. Reem AlAttas © 10Intellectual Property RightsThe law can be used to protect ideas intwo ways: through the law of patent andthrough copyright law. Together theseare known as intellectual property rights(IPR). Reem AlAttas © 11Law of PatentsA lengthy, costly process and is rarelyused in relation to computer software.

Reem AlAttas © 12CopyrightAutomatic and it protects the expression ofan idea, not the idea itself Legal Issues Case Study for Nursing Case 2. Nursing Situation: Cindy Black (fictitious name), a four-year-old child with wheezing, was brought into the .

Reem AlAttas © 13Trademarks and service marksThe names of products and services arethemselves protected as valuableproperty, and existing marks should not beused for other products or services in thesame area of business or economicactivity. Reem AlAttas © 14FreewareA piece of software that is given away freeto users, although the copyright remainswith the originator and the originalsoftware cannot be distributed by anyoneelse. Reem AlAttas © 15Open-source softwareSimilar to freeware, except that it ismaintained and upgraded openly by acommunity of expert users.

Reem AlAttas © 16Computer Misuse Unauthorized Access To Data Or Programs WithNo Intention To Act Further; Unauthorized Access To Data Or Programs WithThe Intention To Commit A Crime 15 Jan 2018 - Free Essay: There are a couple of different ways that one could frame the ethical issue in this case. The first is whether private Internet surfing .

 Unauthorized Modification Or Destruction OfData Or Programs. Reem AlAttas © 17Topic Road MapEthical and Legal Issues Professional bodies 18. Reem AlAttas © 18Professional BodiesThe IEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers).

The IEEE (Institute of Electronic andElectrical Engineers).

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For example, the membership applicationform for the IEEE states: The primary goal of the Computer Society is togive its members the tools they need to stay ontop of new technologies, while growingpersonally as well as professionally. Reem AlAttas © 20Key Roles To provide support to help members fulfill theirprofessional duties.  To set standards of behavior and training fortheir members in order to provide a realisticyardstick for those inside and outside theprofession.

 To represent the profession in debates onrelevant issues. Reem AlAttas © 21Code of ConductDeals with the way in which members ofthe Society should behave.

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